Using fluids (sometimes known as juice or e-liquids) represents a considerable saving over conventional cigarette use, with an average 20-a-day smoker requiring around one 10ml bottle a week.  Fluids also represent a more cost effective solution than using the type of electronic cigarette that employs a cartridge.

In order to find your alternative to smoking, Choice E-cigs has a wide variety of flavours and strengths on offer and we are proud to supply Vapouriz, Qcigs, Vampire Vape, Diamond Mist, Pure Evil, Pocket Fuel, Double Drip and Cornish Liquids.
At Choice E-cigs we believe that having a variety of options is important in supporting your needs.  Basic fluids are generally available in 0%, 0.6%. 1.2% and 1.8% nicotine strengths.  The highest strength should be suitable for the heaviest of smokers.  Strength can be adjusted as you require it and stepping up or down a strength level is as simple as purchasing another bottle in your favourite flavour.  We also do zero nicotine flavours for those that wish to have the enjoyment of vaping without the nicotine.  If you wish to know more about PG and VG mixes of fluids then scroll down for our guide for more detail.  The higher VG fluids tend to only be available in lower nicotine strengths, typically 0.3% or 0.6% (3mg or 6mg).

Making the switch? Have it fruity, fresh, traditional or exotic with our wide range of flavours. You can even mix and match flavours to make your own special blend.

Like a fluid? Discovered a favourite? Then tell us! We’d love to hear your feedback on what works for you. Have a look at our catalogue to see our full range of flavours.

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Vapouriz Fluid - £3.99 per 10ml bottle or 3 for £9.99


Vaping e-fluids contain water, flavouring, nicotine and a humectant, which is usually a mix between Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG).  PG is used in clinical vapourisers to deliver drugs to patients, to make theatre smoke, and is also a food additive (E-number 1520).  VG is made from vegetable oils (often palm or coconut), and often used in foodstuffs and make-up.  Both are Food and Drug Agency-approved, and are mixed together in varying amounts, when used with an electronic cigarette, to create the visible vapour clouds.  Higher percentage PG/VG mixes produce a greater ‘throat hit’ often craved by smokers or ex-smokers; higher percentage VG fluids produce more dense clouds of ‘softer’ vapour, often with a slightly sweet taste.  Whilst some people are intolerant of PG, fewer are of VG, so most e-cigarette users start on PG-heavy mixes to more closely mimic the feel of smoking a real cigarette.  Those that are intolerant (sore throat or coughing is a sign of such) can try a greater percentage of VG fluid.  VG fluids are also thicker, so are more suited for use in higher percentages to be vapourised in more ‘heavy-weight’ box mods with relatively big heating coils; though they can be used in vapour ‘sticks’ – the most basic e-cigarettes, they tend to ‘gum up’ the heating coils, so requiring more frequent replacement.
Choice E-cigs sells a wide variety of e-fluids, from 80%/20% PG/VG mixes right the way up to nearly 100% VG mixes.  Those higher VG percentage fluids tend to be far softer on the throat and more flavourful, and produce dense clouds of vapour, though they are slightly more expensive.  The choice is yours – try before you buy, and rely upon us to guide you along the way. 

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